Luxury Apartments and studio in Milos
VS 19660 - Studio

Triovasalos Triovasalos Greece

Rodi Zochiou
Name : Rodi Zochiou
Advertising Date : 19/Jul/2019
We Speak : English Italian

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Property Description

Located just a few miles from the Port of  Adamas, this luxury vacation saga property is situated in a traditional village of Milos Island, surrounded by beauty and ethnicity. The interiors are designed specially designed to complement the surrounding traditional beauty without compromising on the luxury and comfort of the guests. These rental studio apartments can accommodate many people. All the rooms are equipped with a bathroom, a mini-fridge, a flat-screen TV, air-conditioner as well as coffee-making essentials. The rooms also offer a balcony overlooking the wonderful view of the sea and the hillside of Triovasalos. This holiday studio rental has several restaurants and cafes nearby for the guests to visit and enjoy the local cuisine. Guests can perfectly enjoy their vacation to Greece without any hustle of the cities or pollution. At this vacation saga property, the guests can forget their worries and enjoy the calm and serene environment with friends and family.



Air Conditioner Air Conditioner
Balcony View Balcony View
Breakfast Breakfast
Bidet Bidet
Books Books
Bath Bath
City view City view
Cleaning Products Cleaning Products
Coffee machine Coffee machine
Complimentary toiletries Complimentary toiletries
Cable Channels Cable Channels
Dining table Dining table

House Policy

Check In Check Out Minimum Stay 3 Days
4;00 PM 10;00 AM Maximum Stay 21 Days
Things To Keep In Mind
Pets are not allowed Pets are not allowed
No smoking No smoking

Things To Remember
  • N/A
Additional Rules

Other Services

Cleaning Fee
No Cleaning Facility
Security Deposit
Not Security Deposite
Extra Mattress
No Extra Mattress Available

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Weather details

20th January, 2022
Humidity: 68 %
Wind: 8.41 km/h
21st January, 2022
Humidity: 68 %
Wind: 8.41 km/h
22nd January, 2022
Humidity: 68 %
Wind: 8.41 km/h
23rd January, 2022
Humidity: 68 %
Wind: 8.41 km/h
24th January, 2022
Humidity: 68 %
Wind: 8.41 km/h


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