6 Ways to Keep Your Vacation Rental Booked Throughout the Year

6 Ways to Keep Your Vacation Rental Booked Throughout the Year


If you own long term rentals, you would probably know the risks and problems associated with it. The same is true for all types of vacation rentals including short term rentals as well. With Covid 19 now creating less fear among the public, not because it's gone, but because it's stayed too long, the holiday home business is back running. However, the situation is still not exactly like before, and a little more effort is needed from the landlord’s side to maintain functioning in the market.

We understand your hardships as a landowner, that is why we are here to provide you with six ways on how to get your vacation rentals booked throughout the year. This way, you won't have to worry about losses, damages and liabilities due to covid.

1.     Go for business travellers

If there are, any type of travellers that stay loyal to the hospitality industry, then they are the business travellers. They don’t travel just for fun, but because of work, which makes it essential and unavoidable travel. You can take advantage of this factor, by expanding your market to them as well. You can highlight the convenience that a business traveller wants in his stay, like proximity to major business hubs, connectivity to the main centre, convenience and so on. When business travellers rent house, they look for all these factors. Another thing is that you can tie up with corporate companies and business around you for a yearly stay for all business travellers for their respective work. It is a good way to increase profits for a holiday home these days.

2.     Life shoppers

Covid 19 has many disadvantages, but one prominent advantage that it has is that it allowed people to realise they don’t need to go to work, to earn money. Companies these days are offering work from home for everyone, which has made corporate and the employees realise they can work from anywhere. This flexibility leads to people travelling and exploring new places to settle while keeping their job intact. You can take advantage of this situation by renting your vacation rentals as a trial run for short or long term rental to anyone who is willing to settle in the city or in the area.

3.      Offers and discounts

One of the best marketing strategies to increase profits is to provide offers and discounts to loyal customers so that they keep coming back. For creating a long term customer for your, holiday home the best way is to offer them a discount on a second or third stay. You can keep their contact details and reach them out for these exclusive discounts tailored for them. This will let the customer know that you care for them, and are ready to provide them advantages if they come back. Whatever your previous guests are searching for vacation rentals again, they will definitely consider your offers also.

4.     Price rates

There is a peak season price and an offseason price. People are ready to travel any time of the year today due to work from home and other reasons. One of the best ways to ensure a year-round booking experience is to tailor your rates according to the season. You can provide the unbeatable rates during low season, that they know they won't be able to get during peak season. Don’t go too low that you end up in losses, since it will defeat the whole purpose of this discussion, but you can keep the rates a low standard to have whole year booking going.

5.     Edit the listings

One of the best ways to attract customer all year round is to adjust and edit your listing on various websites according to circumstances and seasons. For example, if there is a festival going on, or a concert near your property, you can edit and mention the proximity of your property to that concert or festival. Similarly, if the weather is going good, you can mention that also. If there is some new development near your area concerning connectivity, touristy attractions et, you might want to update on that. This will help your long term rentals be booked throughout the year due to different reasons.

6.     Convert your vacation rentals into long term rentals

Due to work from home facilities and flexibilities attached to them, people are also considering spending a considerable amount of time outside, and relaxing on a beautiful property for months. If your holiday home is near a sea or on the mountainside, you can advertise it as a place where guests can stay for a long term, and enjoy peace even If the nearby attractions are closed. Remember, here the focus should not be on the city or tourists, but on the facilities and amenities you are ready to provide for a comfortable home-like stay for long periods.

If you follow these tips in combination, you can certainly assure a year-round booking for your holiday home. All you need to focus on is how to convert circumstances around you into opportunities by thinking from, the customer’s point of view. When you give them what they want, or what they would like, there would not be more than two days in a year that your vacation rental is free. 

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