A trip to thessaloniki, Greece

A trip to thessaloniki, Greece



Greece is a place with history, architecture and art. It has a modern sense of beauty with a historic vibe which makes it a perfect travel destination. Thessaloniki, Greece is a major tourist attraction which has attracted travellers from all around the world. The New York times named it their top destinations to visit in 2016. The calm, serene yet iconic atmosphere of this place makes it a must for your bucket list during this Greece trip.

This city is situated on the coastline of the thermaic Gulf. It is full of unique landmarks such as the white tower, the vestiges of past life, byzantine churches and so much more. The Greek streets and architecture make it much more worthy.

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We have compiled a few things which might motivate you to visit there if you haven't already planned to yet. These things shave been complied especially after a personal trip to Thessaloniki, just for you. 

1.     Full with wonderful sightings

Whatever you name, Thessaloniki has it. Be it the UNSECO heritage sites of Roman Agora, the Rotonda, the Crypt of Agios Demetrios or the cinema museum of Thessaloniki, you can find everything here. There are various other churches and architectural sites which will make your jaw drop with wonder and amazement. You can visit the byzantine museum of culture and much more to s[end your day.

2.     Enjoy the cuisine

All over the country, this city Is known for its rich food and drinks. Ir has quality and quantity. The cuisine of this city boats of an amalgamation of different types of cuisines such as Arab, Armenian, asia minor and traditional local dishes with exotic influences. When you visit the restaurants you will find yourself wanting to order all the dishes. There is one area which is dedicated to eateries and bars. It was one of the major market areas during the ottoman empire. ITt has splendid bars, taverns restaurants and clubs for the tourists and travellers to relax after a fun-filled day.

3.     Explore the shopping streets

Thessaloniki has one of the best shopping streets around the world. Beautifully architecture, preserved and located, the markets in this city serve all kinds of shoppers. You can find unique and expensive work famous brands here and local boutiques along with small souvenir shops from where you can buy small gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

4.     It has stunning views

The stunning vintage viewpoint of Eptapyrgio Castle offers a view of the entire city and view of the gulf. No matter you visit it on the day or at night, it has a magical power to it to attract you towards it. You can find different forms of buildings and architecture in this city when you view it from the top. It was home to greeks, ottomans, Asians, Jews and so many more people that you cannot find homogenous culture here. It will inspire you to live in harmony and love with people from all around the world.

5.     Visit the national park

The Axios Loudias Aliakmonas national park is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. The area is just 10 km away from the city. It will help you connect to this beautiful city in a natural way. This wetland is spread over 39000 hectares. You can visit it to escape the city and relax amongst the wild and its beauty. In no other city, you will find architecture, food, culture and nature blended so beautifully together.  

6.     Try out the Bougatsa

Bougatsa is one of the finest phyllo pie in Greece that always finds its way into foodies list. It has a long history and has found its way into Greek breakfast. Serraikon is one of the oldest Bougatsa shops in this city where you can visit to try this iconic local delicacy. If you want to try new food, then this is one thing you should try in Thessaloniki which has a special place in the hearts of the people living there.

You can experience one of the best memories of your life here in Thessaloniki. All you need to do is search for houses for rent and enjoy your stay. Get a local tour guide or ask the locals about various specialities this wonderful place has to offer. It will not disappoint you in offering its unique architecture, perfect cuisine, friendly hospitality and great landscape.



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