Best 10 things to do in Greece in one week trip

Best 10 things to do in Greece in one week trip

Are you planning a trip to Greece? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the perfect place. The dramatically beautiful country of Greece offers a vacation which is an endless party with tiny shops, monuments, food, drinks and so much more. The undiscovered beaches, the charismatic streets, the luxury villas and the vibrant food will make you fall in love with it within minutes.

If you are going to Greece and are confused as to where to go and what do, don’t worry, we are here to guide you to have an amazing trip with unforgettable experiences. We have compiled a list of 10 things you must do while in Greece.

1.     Visit the Santorini Islands

This volcano based island has been famous since ancient times. It rises 1100 feet above the sea level and the towns of La and Fira are jewelled on the top of this island providing a panoramic view of the heavenly sunset. If you are there with your partner, then this is one romantic place you must not miss. You can get luxurious Greece vacation rentals at Santorini with vacation saga, which also provides a splendid view of the island.

2.     Tour the Acropolis

The ancient city of Athens and its acropolis is a famous heritage which everyone wants to visit. Built in 5 century BC, this monument is considered a jewel of the Athenian culture and civilization. It serves as a classic beauty representing the Greek culture at its best. Enter this majestic city and make sure you don’t forget to visit the acropolis. You can have various luxury villas in Athens with a view of the acropolis to make the experience even better.

3.     Explore Crete

The Knossos region of Crete was dominated by Mediterranean civilization some 500 years back, and it offers a glimpse of life during that time. The volcanic eruptions and the subsequent tsunami that reached the Cretan shored, that formed this island is going to give you a keen look of the architecture, civilization and skills of the people back at that time. When you visit Santorini, don’t miss out on Knossos either.

4.     Skopelos

One of the greatest Greek islands, this is a piece of art by nature. It has a rich mixture of greenery dominated by pine trees and aquamarine life. You can visit here and see the side of Greece which is seldom talked about, its natural landscape. You can also get Greece vacation rentals nearby.

5.     Visit the first capital city

Crowned as the first capital city of a newly independent state of Greece, this Venetian old town of Nafplio is its historic centre. It has heritage ancient sites with beautiful alleys and streets. There are coffee shops around it where you sit and enjoy the beauty of the city. The old heritage city will be a break from the busy metro life all of us are living and make us wonder at life from a different view altogether.

6.     Take a look at the museums

Whats a Greece trip without a visit to some of its finest museums. Some of the best excavations that reflect the life of people in this empire are collected at the national archaeological museum. If you are in Athens, don’t miss out on this historic tour. At least spend a half a day there to find the Mycenean collection, Poseidon of Artemisium. Hire a guide for yourself to understand the depth of each artefact.

7.     Explore the Olympian side of Greece

The tallest mountain in Greece is a stage for twelve Olympian gods. This mountain is a beautiful body of rock with many eateries on the foot serving delicious soups and dishes. A sanctuary was also set up at Dion to worship Zeus. Set your foot on this mountain and dedicate a day to the olympian gods to explore the historic moments that happened here in the past.

8.     Explore the nightlife of Thessaloniki

This city is the second-largest city in Greece and has beaches, monasteries and multicultural history. It hs one of the best nightlife scenes in Greece. During the day time, you can visit the archaeological museum and have a classic greek dish in the old town. There are various luxury villas and Greece holiday rentals of Thessaloniki at vacation saga that you can check out in case you are planning to explore the nightlife of this vibrant city.

9.     Explore the beautiful Folenfandros

A small but very pretty town, this rocky city has scenic paths that take you to the clifftop city of Chora from where you can continue to Fira, Agkali and much more cities. This place is unique in its own way, and seldom has tourists so you can have a peaceful stay here. It has been coined as the new Santorini.

10.  Peloponnese

A trip to Olympia while touring Peloponnese is very important if you want to see the origin of the Olympic games. The flames of the modern Olympics is lit in the temple of Hera here before it begins its journey around the world. If you are an athlete, fan of sports or athletics, then this is a must-visit place for you. Do not miss out on the opportunity of witnessing the origin of the most historic and magnanimous game championship played till today.


There are many other places in Greece that you can visit, but on a one week trip, these are the must-visits on your travel list. Don’t miss out on them if you want to experience the true ethnicity, culture, history and beauty of Greece.






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