Best Place to Visit in Italy After Covid 19

Best Place to Visit in Italy After Covid 19

Italy has been one of the worst-hit countries when it comes to Covid 19 epidemic. The world witnessed Italy cripple down its economy and its health due to this virus. Various strict measures were taken along with restrictive lock downs which forced Italians inside. After going through all of this together, Italy has once again started to feel a ray of hope when the cases have started declining since mid-July of 2020. Now, after easing its lock down restrictions, it has opened up its borders to EU countries and a limited number of Non-Eu countries as well. Even though they faced one of the toughest hits of the Pandemic, Italians have grown only stronger and resilient towards all difficult situations in lives. They now strive to make Italy a tourist destination again as before Covid 19. 

Thinking of going to Italy?

If you are thinking of travelling to Italy and looking for the best destination in Italy to stay and enjoy your vacation at, we are here to tell you about some places which you can visit after Covid 19 has reduced its impact on the country to a greater extent. We will help you find some amazing vacation rental home and let you experience the luxury villa holidays in Italy. All you have to do is look for the right regions to visit and avoid the places with heavy tourists and local populations so that you can maintain social distancing and stay safe. 

The Southern regions to the rescue 

Even when the country was worst struck by the pandemic, the southern regions of Italy were relatively doing better than the northern counterparts. This can be due to low population, low density and fewer tourist visits at those places. However, this does not mean they are any less than the norther main regions of Italy. If you want to choose the best destination in Italy, then you should definitely look for the southern regions of this country. 

Where in Southern Italy?

Now you are probably wondering which places come under the southern parts of this country. There is not one but many places, towns and islands that form part of the southern region. You can visit Sardinia Island. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and in the world when it comes to architecture, history and tradition combined with sea, mountains and beaches. There are very few places where you can experience all these thrills together. It is by far the best destination in Italy that you can choose for your next vacation. You can also find cheap and hygienic sea facing vacation rental home there. 

Another city that you can visit is Florence. The city needs no introduction. It has long been engraved into our history as one of the most beautiful places on this planet. With its rich architecture and mysterious heritage, Florence provides for one of the best places to  go in Italy after Covid 19. You can also find yourself experiencing luxury villa holidays in Italy at this island with its rich and beautiful rental villas. 

Tuscany is also a region which you can visit. It has beautiful streets, rich food, and splendid architecture. It is a lowly populated area with lesser density of population. It makes for easier travels and you can easily visit the tourist attractions without worrying about your health. 

No matter where you go, make sure you always rent a vacation rental home which has its own kitchen, private bathroom and other private amenities which makes your stay hygienic and socially distanced. Italy has some of the finest rental villas and apartments in the world. You can rent them and enjoy memorable time with your friends and family, once this pandemic ends. 

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