Greece Vacations Adventure Tour in 2021

Greece Vacations Adventure Tour in 2021

Are you an adventure lover? Then you have to the right place. If you are planning for a Greece vacation, we have the perfect information for you. Greece is not just about ancient sites and beaches, it is much more than that. You can do a myriad of activities in Greece ranging from food cooking classes, wine tasting, adventure activities and so on. If you really want to enjoy your Greece vacation to the fullest, we suggest you try out these amazing adventure activities available around the country. They will make your trip memorable and unforgettable.


1.     Sea Kayaking

The Sporades the archipelago is most famous for its sea kayaking activities. You won't feel that you are in a sea, the water is so crystal clear and lucid that you’ll feel you’re in a big never-ending swimming pool. An island is a gentle place, with little hustle and a lot of tranquillity. You can also go snorkelling in the same area. How cool is that? You may sea kayaking in many places around the world, but witnessing it in the clear waters of Sporades island is an unmissable experience. You can also get some amazing Greece vacation rentals in these islands to spend the night with a sea view.

2.     Kalymnos Rock Climbing

This island of Kalymnos has over 2K climbing routes for travellers. Most of the routes however are still unexplored. The limestone rock offer variety of experiences for travellers, ranging from easy to challenging. The best thing about this experience is the Coastal climb, a route that will get you the bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean sea and other Greek islands, something you can never miss out on. The climbing experience here is unforgettable, challenging and heavenly at the same time. This adventure tour is going to be a different experience for you altogether when you reach the top and feel like you’ve reached heaven (not literally).

3.     Windsurfing in Rhodes

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are the two fastest-growing adventure tour sports in the Greek islands. There are a lot of clubs for tourists to choose from on this island. We are almost sure that if you take a Greece vacation you will definitely be going to Rhodes. This experience is going to be an added memory for you. Don’t forget to add this to your bucket list next time you visit Greece. You can also find amazing houses for rent on this island at vacation saga.

4.     Olympus Mountaineering

If you are staying at Greece vacation rentals in Thessaloniki, mountaineering at Olympus is going to be a very easy thing to opt for. The mountains here are  natural beauty in itself with over 100 species of birds and over 2o species of mammals residing here. You can try out this adventure tour while you are in Thessaloniki. The steep mountain slopes are going to get your adrenaline running at its topmost level. The mountains here are known to provide a unique rush and thrill to adventure lovers.

5.     Skiing


Europe is famous for its skiing adventure tours. Unexpectedly, northern Greece has some of the most amazing skiing slopes in Europe. Thye witness quality snowfall and have great apres ski chances for you. The base of the mountain in the village of seli or mountains, all are great places for skiing in Greece. The northern part is famous for its skiing adventures, and If you are on a Greece vacation in the northern part, make sure you try it if the snow is there. The slopes of tria Pente pigadia ski centre are also known to be very challenging and thrilling.

6.     White water rafting

Peloponnese and Epirus mountains are famous for the white water rafting in Greece. They have a steep terrain and fast-flowing rivers where you can raft your way through the pine mountains, under spectacular waterfalls and reach remote villages in Greece. If you want some Instagram worthy white water rafting places, the Epirus and Voidomatis is the Zagori area are beautifully picturesque for travellers and tourists. This part of Greece is one of the most beautiful parts in terms of the natural landscape.

7.     Hiking

Hiking is an amazing adventure tour in itself. However, if you do it in Naxos and Kea islands, it's going to be even better. The herb-scented trails of these islands along with beautiful autumn combine together to become a perfect duo. The rocky paths and the inland mountains with villages are perfect for all adventure lovers. You can choose your difficulty level according to yourself. It ranges from easy to difficult for all kinds of travellers. Plus, there are so many other things to do in this island that you can take a house for rent and enjoy its other beauty too.

8.     Bird watching

Lake Kertini in northern Greece is one of the most beautiful and important wetlands in Europe. It has around 300 bird species, some of them endangered too. You can visit this place during the spring and autumn season. Even if you're not into bird watching, you can try canoeing or hiking or bike trailing in this area which is equally famous. No need to worry, we have all the alternatives available just for you.

9.     Train Tour in Pelion

The mountain of Pelion is one of the best experiences one can get. The route offers a glimpse of the most remote and ancient villages and valleys of Greece. The train that does the tour is in operation since 1895 and is still working. So what are you waiting for? You will never get an opportunity like this again.


These are some of the best Adventure tour you can take while on a Greece vacation. If you are looking for a house for rent during your stays at one of these places, make sure you visit vacation saga that has different types of properties available at affordable prices in Greece. These Greece vacation rentals are built just for you, and they are waiting.

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