How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack

How To Choose The Best Travel Backpack

Planning Your Trip Best Travel Backpack

If you think that while planning your trip to another country, or another city, the only things you need to worry about is the hotel, food, and places to visit, then you are missing a very important element, your travel buddy, your backpack. Choosing the right kind of backpack for yourself is a very important thing since it is going to be there to accommodate your belongings, keep them safe, and give you comfort.

The main problem why people don’t like choosing one for themselves is that there are too many backpacks and choosing the best travel backpack is very confusing. So we are here to help you out in choosing the best one for yourself. We are going to bring forward a few characteristics that a good backpack should have so that when you go to buy one, you can choose the best one out there.

What should you look for in a travel backpack?

We have compiled a list of some elements which you should look into while buying a backpack. These qualities are going to help you a lot on your trip.

A. Water-resistant

If you are going for hiking and adventure activities then a 100% waterproof backpack should be chosen by you. If not, then semi-waterproof material that can withstand the standard amount of rain will do just fine. The material should be a bit thick but not very heavy also. The main aim is to prevent the insides to get wet.

B. Safe

A backpack should have a lock that locks the two zippers together so that someone is not able to steal stuff from inside or sneak in stuff while you aren’t paying attention or you aren’t around.

C. Internal frame

In earlier times, backpacks used to have frames located outside, which made it difficult to carry and sometimes uncomfortable. Nowadays, the frames are built inside and cannot be seen. Make sure you buy a backpack with internal frames only.

D. Multiple compartments

A bag that has multiple compartments is the best travel backpack because you can organize your items in there and find them easily. You don’t have to out shoes with clothes. This way it gets less messy and organized to carry for a long way.

E.  Padded hip belt

The padded belt makes it very easy to travel with a backpack since it eases the pressure on your backside. It supports and distributes the weight evenly, thereby making it safer and comfortable for you to walk around with it.

F.  Padded shoulder straps

These are going to help you in distributing the weight equally on your shoulders and put less pressure on them. Make sure that the padding in your backpack is thick enough and less likely to thin out with usage.

G. Frontloading

A backpack that allows you to access your stuff from the hole located on the top is much more difficult to use than the one which allows you to open a zip from the face and the side. This will make traveling easier.

What size should you go for?

The best travel backpack is not the one with a perfect size. Some need bigger backpacks, some need smaller ones. It usually depends upon the size of your body and the with you can carry around. A backpack usually comes between 40 to 60 liters. A too-big backpack or a too-small backpack will imbalance you and cause back pain also. Also, you don’t want to carry your whole house on your back, so chose accordingly. Your backpack should ideally be in a size that is able to accommodate a little bit more stuff than you are packing. A bit of extra room is always comfortable and easier to manage.

If you don’t want your backpack to be checking in at the airport, then size does really matter and it should not be very large. Most of the baggage sizes are 45 linear inches and if you get a backpack with similar dimensions, you will be able to get them inside the plane.

Is a backpack better or a suitcase?

This choice also depends upon individual preferences. Usually when you are willing to travel to different countries, and for a longer stay, then backpacks are much better since you would not want your stuff to be abused and thrown at different airports. But if you are heaving back pains or have some back problems and think you will not be able to carry the backpacks, then maybe a suitcase is a better option for you. 

Suitcases are better for short trips, however, backpacks make life easier and simpler during travel. You don’t have to drag them, lift them during stairs or lifts. If you think you don’t want to carry that heavy burden always, then you can choose a backpack which has wheels so it can be turned into a suitcase like an item when you want It to.

What is the ideal cost of a backpack?

Different brands differ in their prices, and if you are planning your trip then you should also look at the cost of your travel accessories. Most of the backpacks cost around 99 dollars to 300 Dollars. You can get a decent travel backpack for around 200 USD. You can spend around 150-200 USD on a backpack.

We have listed out and explained all the things necessary to chose the best travel backpack while planning your trip. Make sure you make an informed choice because a backpack during a trip is your best buddy. It's going to help you everywhere.


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