Rights as a landlord for troublesome tenants in Italy

Rights as a landlord for troublesome tenants in Italy

Having a property where you have invested your hard-earned money is a blessing. You can rely on it for income, wealth and support later. There are numerous ways to earn through properties. One of them is being a landlord and letting out the property for rent as long term rentals, vacation home rentals, short term rentals or commercial rentals.

No matter what type of rental it is, it is really important to check on the tenant you are having. A little laidback attitude can cost you a lot of time, energy and money. If you are thinking that I should rent my property, then you need to do a proper background check of your prospective tenant so that they don’t create trouble for you later on.

If you are a landlord with vacation home rentals ideas in Italy or have already given out your property on rent, you must be having the idea of how tenants can be problematic sometimes. The solutions to these problems is often considered to be eviction only. If you are in Italy, we are here to tell you of probable solutions you can apply to your tenant problems apart from eviction. Here are some of the problematic situations laid down for you and their potential solutions that you can follow.

These solutions are not an alternative to the professional legal advice which you must take if you are facing any such tenant problems in Italy. They will explain to you the complexities and procedure in detail. This is just about a roadmap which you can follow.

Non-payment of Rent

If the tenant is not willing to pay rent on the proper time, or is causing undue delays or is not paying rent at all, then the landlord is often forced to contact a lawyer and get the eviction procedure started. This procedure can take a long time. In addition to the loss of non-payment of rent on your long term or vacation holiday rentals, you might also have to wait for the procedure to finish and gain possession again.

If at the time of renting out your property, you prepare a rental inspection checklist which contains things like background, source of income, previous tenant history, crimes if any, then you might save yourself from this problem. However, it is never too late.

Apart from eviction, you can opt for other two solutions through which your problem may be solved.

1.     Guarantee by the tenant – Guarantee essentially means a form of issue of promise to the tenant that he/she will pay the amount in due time, and If not, then the person named inside the note will be the only paying you. There can be different forms of the guarantee such as bank guarantee. It is a convenient method with no cost to the landlord. However, it is often difficult to find a tenant who will be willing to issue a bank guarantee. If you take care of the rental inspection checklist properly, you might find tenants beforehand who will furnish such guarantees.

2.     Insurance Policy – It is one of the easiest solutions at hand for a landlord. The owner or the landlord in this case agrees for an insurance contract with a company for the objective of protecting themselves from the risky behaviour of tenants, in case they stop paying.

While signing up for a policy like this, there are several factors which need to be considered. See that some specific risks are actually covered under the insurance policy.

In the case of unpaid premiums, you should check if there are any maximum limits for months or refundable amounts. This will help you see whether the premium you pay is actually worth or not.

 Compensation amount to be paid to you in terms of damages caused by the tenants should be another factor. The clauses of this compensation need to be paid attention to. There are some policies where the compensation can only be paid when both the parties have successfully followed the contract for a limited period of time. In such contracts, if your tenant chooses to not pay the rent, you will not be compensated. It is therefore advisable that you chose the minimum period possible so that your coverage starts after the tenancy operation starts.’

Once you start thinking that I should rent my property, you must also prepare a vacation rental checklist so that you don’t have to face these problems in the future. However, even if you do face them, we have provided with some solutions. We hope these will help you in tackling your problematic tenants.



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