Some best thessaloniki beaches

Some best thessaloniki beaches

Greece is famous for a lot of things. Be it the architecture, the beaches, the nightlife, the history, the culture, the festivals, everything about Greece is special. If you are planning for a Greece trip, we are sure Thessaloniki is not out of your bucket list. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece with mesmerizing beaches, sparkling nightlife and sightseeing areas for the tourists. If you haven’t planned until now, make sure you make a plan to visit Thessaloniki and experience its beach houses.

Thessaloniki is mostly famous for its nightlife. Its beaches are a beauty but very few people consider it while they visit Thessaloniki. All these beaches are easily accessible from the central city and contain many tourist facilities. Locals usually go swimming on the beaches and enjoy sports activities also. When you are planning to visit famous things in Thessaloniki, don’t forget the beautiful beaches and their experience.

We have created a list of the 4 best beaches in Thessaloniki for you. There are beach houses where you can also stay with a beautiful sea view. Visit vacation saga Greece, Thessaloniki property listings to check out some fantasy properties for your trip this time.

Perea Beach

Located 17 km south of Thessaloniki, Perea area is an excellent place to hang out for a whole day. There is a residential area and a resort area where you can find beach houses and houses for rent Thessaloniki. It is accessible via bus which has different stops along the beach. There are various restaurants, cafes and bars along with hotels near the beach. A ferry to Perea beach is also available from white town. You can easily access it. Perea beach is known for its sunsets, beauty and shining sand which entices the locals to take a day off and relax in the mesmerizing beauty. You can also stop sightseeing for a day and relax at this beach which provides the ultimate Greek experience to travellers.

Agia Triada beach

Located in a small town in Thessaloniki, this beautiful beach is full of sunbeds and umbrellas. With crystal clear waters and long coast, the beach is perfect for a romantic getaway with your soulmate. It is located around 22 km from central Thessaloniki. You can take a bus also. The best thing about this beach is that you can also enjoy the nightlife of Thessaloniki here, as it is filled with cafes, bars and restaurants. You can even book beach houses from vacation saga for completing the perfect stay at Thessaloniki.

Epanomi Beach


This wonderful beach with elegant beach houses is located 25 km south of Thessaloniki. It is a family-friendly beach where you can take your kids to have their beach day. There are various accommodations in many forms where you can stay. The Petralona cave is situated within a distance of 5 km from the beach, so you can do some sightseeing also. It is an organized and clean beach, perfect for anyone who wants to have a peaceful seashore day.

Asprovalta Beach

This beach is a little bit far away from the city, mainly 80 km from the centre to the east. If you have a few days to spare, you have to definitely visit this beach. Nearby locations such as Kavala and Halkidiki can also be visited. It is a convenient beach with restaurants and cafes, where you can spend days without spending too much money. It is one of the best places for students and solo travellers. You can also visit some cafes with live music with a beach view, a perfect place to enjoy your evening.

You can Search for houses for rent Thessaloniki beachside or in the central area from where you can access the nightlife and the beaches easily. Thessaloniki is one of the best and most beautiful cities. You can witness its architecture, nightlife and beaches in a few days and get charmed by it.

If you are planning to visit Thessaloniki, go and check out vacation saga holiday rental listings in the city. You will find different apartments, villas and beach houses where you can stay at affordable princes. Don’t wait up, book your beach house, pack your bags and get on that plane, now!

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