The Best Greek Islands to visit in 2021

The Best Greek Islands to visit in 2021

Planning a Greece vacation? You have come to the right place. Greece is a country filled with ancient heritage, natural landscape, food, love and culture. There's not a single experience you might miss in Greece which is available in other countries. From delicious local cheese and wine to some picturesque clean beaches, Greece has everything you can ever ask for.


Greece is a combination of many islands, that have their own history and art. These islands have the best beaches in Greece like Thessaloniki beaches, Santorini beaches, Rhodes beaches etc. With so many islands, it becomes difficult to plan out which island you want to visit and which one you want to skip. So we have compiled a list of must-visit islands of Greece in 2021. Check it out and book your flight now!


1.      Santorini

Covered in blue and white, Santorini is one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth and certainly one of the best Greek islands.  It is a  favourite palce for couples to go on honeymoons. It also has the best beaches in Greece. Along with some extravagant beach houses. The crystal clear blue water, plus the small cafes serving delicious seafood with wine is an experience you would never want to miss. You can reach Santorini through cruise or airways. Cruise is certainly the better option here since its so picturesque.

2.      Syros

The capital of Cyclades is a place that is so different from other Greek islands. It is built on two peaks, the catholic and the orthodox peak, with a long history and heritage of the Venetian occupation. The place has a boatyard in Neorio and has one of the most extravagant histories of the shopping industry in Greece. The Delfini beach in Syros is one of the best beaches in Greece. The local and traditional seaside taverns serve some delicious urchin and fresh fish for the travellers to try out. You can also find some amazing vacation holiday rentals at the place, overlooking the sea.

3.      Rhodes Island

You must have already planned on visiting Rhodes. And we don’t blame you. Obviously, Rhodes is a wonderful island for people who want to witness the true touristry side of Greece. It has everything from small local shops for souvenirs, to taverns to luxurious fine dines to enjoy your Greece vacation at. Not to mention that it has some luxurious beach houses with pools and a sauna waiting for you. If you are visiting the Greek islands don’t even think about missing out on Rhodes.

4.      Milos

Milos is a volcanic island with more than 70 beaches to its credit. This island has no doubt the most diverse and extreme coastline experience one can ever have. The aquamarine and crystal clear water on this island will make you want to go there instantly. The place is being discovered now, so not many people consider going there. It is not going to be very crowded, which makes it even perfect to go to in 2021. There are so many beach houses with wooden decks overlooking the sea on this island. It has a large variety of cuisines available, waiting just for you.

5.      Thessaloniki

Yet again, there is hardly a chance that you have not already planned to visit Thessaloniki. But if you haven’t, make sure you do. Thessaloniki is home to one of the most splendid and best beaches in Greece. The Thessaloniki beaches are the epitome of cleanliness, transparency and tranquillity. The area surrounding the beaches are filled with excellent holiday rental homes and cafes serving delicious home-grown seafood. If you want to know more about various vacation rentals at Thessaloniki near the Thessaloniki beaches, visit the property listings at vacation saga and pick your favourite at the best prices.

6.      Amorgos

Amorgos is a very pretty Greek island, but it's not easy to go there. It takes up to 8 hours to reach there from Athens. The place is filled with hikers, pilgrims and other such tourists that don’t go anywhere else. So you won't find the casual tourist crowd there. It is a  safe and less crowded place, which makes it perfect to go in 2021. It has a population of fewer than 2000 people, and they welcome tourists with open hearts. But the island is best for stargazing and wondering about life with the deep blue sea. Put It on your bucket list now.


There are many other islands that you can visit in Greece. Howver, this list takes into account two factors, crowd and popularity. It has a mixture of places that are Instagram famous, and a must go to Greece and places that fewer people visit, so the crowd will be less. You can choose the type of places you want and pick them up from here. Now pack your bags and get ready, the most beautiful country in the world is waiting for you. 

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