Guide to Find a Perfect Tenant

Guide to Find a Perfect Tenant

It is extremely difficult to find a tenant who is understanding, cooperative, and not destructive. You assign your house or property to someone by trusting them to take care of it and treat it as their own. This makes it extremely important to find someone who values your property as much as you do. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before signing a tenancy agreement with someone.

We are here to help you find the perfect tenant for your property with some key pointers. When you are giving up your property for a long-term rental these tips will generally come in handy. These are a few simple rules which you need to keep in mind while getting a tenant for your place.

1. Get a Background Check Done

This is very common advice, and being a landlord you must already know this. But nevertheless, we are here to tell it one more time in case you tend to miss it or forget it. A normal background check is not the task, but a thorough background check with all possible details you can get is necessary for the tenant. Today with the help of our mobile phones and technology, it is not very difficult to do thorough background checks. The factors you need to keep in mind are income, wealth, rental history, criminal record, any criminal activity, occupation, real address, and much more. With little effort, these can be readily available at your disposal.

2. Go for a Long Term Rental

A lot of means go into searching for a tenant, helping them shift, and fulfilling your responsibilities as a landlord when a tenant shifts on to your property. If you don’t do this for a long period of returns, you will probably get fed up with this task again and again. A long term rental is an answer to it. Whenever you sign a tenancy agreement make sure it’s a long-term agreement. This can be done by seeing their employment status, their rental history, the nature of their family, and much more. These factors will indicate whether the person you are singing the tenancy agreement with is up for a long term rental or a short term one.

3. Keep The Condition of Your Property Perfect

If you want to have a genuine tenant, then you also have to take steps from your side. This includes keeping your place in perfect condition and providing them with basic amenities that a property is ideally supposed to have. Keep your walls painted, house leakage proof, pipes cleaned so that when the tenant sees your property, they instantly rely on you for the next few years of their lives. If you cannot make an effort like this, you will probably not get the best tenants and even if you get them, they will be short-term ones.

4. Meet your Tenant in Person

Before assigning and signing the tenancy agreement with your tenant, meet them in person to know what kind of people they are. If this is not possible, make a skype call to talk to them. Pay attention to little things such as their manner of speaking, their background, where they come from, and their punctuality. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions about them even with respect to the facts you already know about them so that you can know if they are lying to you. This will help you judge them in a better and holistic manner.

5. Talk About a Few Things

Don’t just meet your tenant and show them your place. You can do that later also. First, talk to them and know why they intend to shift, what is their plan, what do they do, and so on. Ask if they want any pets in the house and if yes how do they plan to manage them. Ask about their habits and preferences. This will help you get to know them better and judge whether you want to give them your house or not. If you are going for long-term rental this step is extremely important.

6. Have a Tenancy Agreement Made

Whenever you go to meet them twice or thrice after they’ve seen the house they plan to live in, get your agreement done according to your own needs and conditions. Do not be too demanding and unreasonable in this agreement and make room for the tenant also, however since it is your place you are entitled to dictate some terms therein. Make sure that you both agree on all the clauses mentioned in this agreement. If any of the parties have any reservations with regard to one or more clauses, then solve them together or remove that clause if it deems fit.

7. Take a Deposit

This is also very redundant advice, but still, we are going to mention it. There might be some tenants who hide certain facts from the landlords in order to get the place, in these times a security deposit comes in handy. Missed payments, damage to your property are all served by the deposits you have. It will give you leverage over them to not let them act according to themselves without paying heed to your terms and conditions. Also see how they treat these deposits, if they are reluctant to give the deposits, there might be a chance that you'll get delayed and misplaced payments every now and then.

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