Monthly Rentals in Athens Greece

Monthly Rentals in Athens Greece

Rent a Room in Athens

Greece is a place of mystery, icon, heritage, and magic. When you visit Greece, you do not want to leave the place. With its history, art, architecture, and natural landscape, Greece attracts visitors and tourists from all around the world. Filled with beautiful islands like Crete and historical cities like Athens combined with romantic destinations like Santorini, Greece is a place for all types of travelers.

If you are looking for a long term stay in Greece, then you may want to rent a room in Athens or any other city of your choice. There are various holiday apartments in Athens and villas in Greece that serve as monthly rentals. Short term or long term, you will find anything of your choice at vacation saga. We are here to guide you about different types of monthly rentals in Greece and the advantages of renting them.

Types of Rentals

1.  Apartments – You can find plenty of holiday apartments in Athens that suits your needs. They come in one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and even studio apartments. Thye have a kitchen, a living room, a private bathroom, and sometimes balconies and a terrace for the guests. Some are located centrally in Athens with the beautiful view of the pantheon and other historical monuments, some are located a little bit outside in a less chaotic area. You can visit vacation saga and find monthly rentals in Greece according to your needs.

2.  Villas – If you are not constrained with your budget, villas can also be a great option. They come with multiple bedrooms, gardens, terraces, and swimming pools often. You can get especially villas with great views and amenities at reasonable prices in Athens at vacation saga. They serve as a good option for a large group of friends or families.

Now that you know about the basic types of monthly rentals in Greece, we are going to tell you about various advantages you can have for choosing them over luxury hotels.

1.  Affordable-  No matter what type of monthly rentals in Greece you chose, they are going to be comparatively cheaper than hotels. If you are willing for long term rentals, then apartments and villas are the best options for you. The per-day cost comes much less than hotels in Greece. You can also save on food and housekeeping while staying since you can cook your own food with the kitchens provided when you rent a room in Athens. Visit vacation saga for finding the best offers in Athens for you.

2.  Choice- You can have a lot of options when you rent rooms and holiday apartments in Athens. In hotels, you will have to book a room for two people however with apartments and villas, you can rent the whole place according to your needs. You can select it according to your needs, amenities, services, location, view, and affordability. You can look for various brunch Athens and breakfast options nearby and go out for a stroll anytime you wantThis much flexibility is not available in terms of hotels in Athens.

3.  Services and amenities-  In holiday apartments in Athens and villas you can find different kinds of amenities such as your own kitchen, TV, balcony, terrace, etc. Sometimes they offer barbecue facilities along with gardens and a swimming pool also. You can live there like it's your own home without worrying about your laundry prices, food, or freedom.  You can live for the long term with your family and loved ones. Such amenities are usually not provided in hotels since you will have to eat outside food every day and prepare for housekeeping also. All this is available in rentals at many affordable prices also. You can also choose the location according to your preferences which makes it more flexible.

4.  Safety and hygiene- We often worry about our belongings and money when we leave hotels. With rental apartments, you can have full safety since the keys will be with you only. You can roam around the city without worrying about it. Moreover, the rental owner will make sure your apartment or villa is safe and secure.

Another advantage of having long term rentals in Athens is hygiene. In these times, it is one of the biggest factors involved in travel. You can be assured of your safety and hygiene since you and your family will be the only ones using the premises without any outside interference. You can live peacefully here.

 With so many advantages and options available for you, you don’t have to wait a day more. You can look for apartments in Athens and book the one which suits you the best at vacation saga and enjoy the lovely breeze of Greece at this time of the year.

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