Pet Policy In Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent

Pet Policy In Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent

The Rules For Pet-Friendly Houses For Rent

We all understand how pets are a member of our family to us. We cannot treat them as mere animals, they are a part of our lives as much as any other member. They sleep on our beds, they eat with us, and they live with us. So they should also be able to travel with us, right?

Living In An Rented Apartment With A Dog

Nowadays, there are many pet-friendly vacation rentals that allow pets on their premises. If you are someone who has a furry little kid of your own, then when you travel, make sure you book pet-friendly apartments for rent with a positive policy. However, when you chose to take your pet to a holiday rental, there are some things you must also keep in mind. The landlord is generous enough to allow your kid there, but you should also be mindful that you’re carefully following their pet policy accordingly.

There are certain dos and don’ts which you must follow while taking your pet. We have compiled them so that you can have the most fun with your best friend on your trip.

1. See the Pet Policy

When you move into an apartment or go to a vacation holiday rental, make sure you check their pet policy. There might be conditions and clauses there which you have to follow. Animal policies are outlined in the paperwork, and If it is still unclear, then you must talk to the landlord without making any assumptions. These clauses are added by the landlord, so he will have limitations and expectations. This may include the kinds of pets allowed, conditions on which pets are allowed, the number of pets you can keep, and other specific requirements. All these can be known only through the pet policy of your agreement with the landlord.

2. Are Pets Allowed or is it Pet Friendly?

There is a difference between vacation holiday rentals where pets are allowed and premises that are actually pet friendly. Pets allowed means that there is no problem for you to take your dog, cat, or fishes. Pet-friendly means there are special amenities for your best friends such as a dog park, walking area, etc. Pets allowed meaning you have to take care of all other things by yourself. Pet friendly means that there are already facilities included that will make your stay easier. So chose wisely whether you want a pet-friendly property or a property that simply allows pets.

3. Train your Pets

Training is not just for dogs but other pets as well like cats. Your pets might come into contact with other humans around, and it will serve you well if they are trained properly. Bathroom training is extremely necessary so that they don’t loiter around during their walk. You can hire a trainer or simply watch youtube is only basic training is needed.

4. Make sure your dog is not dangerous

There are different kinds of breeds in dogs. Some are considered dangerous and some very docile. Make sure that when you visit a vacation holiday rental with your pet, they are not aggressive and dangerous which may pose a risk to other people around.

5. Get them vaccinated

This is the first thing you should do when you get a pet. There are different doses of vaccine which must be given so that they don't suffer from different diseases, and also don’t pose a threat to others. Make sure they are dewormed. also, make sure that any of the neighbors don’t have allergy to dogs which can pose a problem for you and them later on.

6. Don’t make too much noise

If you have a dog, especially small breeds, they have a tendency to bark a lot. They can't be expected to stay quiet all the time, but it is important that you try to keep it low and less as much as possible because it may cause annoyance to the neighbors.

7. Calm your pets

If you are on a holiday, then you might want to keep some toys, food water, or other such stuff to calm your dogs while you are away sightseeing. Such things will help them in concentrating less on the separation and remain calm.

8. Soundproof your place

If you think that even after taking all the measures, your dogs might still not stop barking, then you can choose to soundproof your apartment. You can first cover the windows and doors with heavy curtains, and if that doesn’t work, soundproof your apartment. Take your landlord's permission before proceeding with the same.

9. Exercise your pet

When you take out your pets for walks and play sessions their energy is drained out ion all these activities which give them little or no energy to be dangerous or destructive in the house. This also helps make them calm and prevent separation anxiety.

10. Give them toys

If you have young dogs, they might chew on things they find on the floor. If you don’t want them chewing the furniture or someone else’s stuff, then give them toys and eating sticks which helps them to divert their attention. You would surely not want your dogs chewing stuff inside your vacation holiday rental.

Little efforts go a long way. If you want your beloved four-legged friend to be with you all the time, then make sure you follow the pet policy and train them accordingly to have a happy and fun trip. 

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