Routine Rental Inspection Checklist Guide

Routine Rental Inspection Checklist Guide

Rental Inspection Checklist 

If you are a property owner, an inspection of your property is going to play a crucial part in determining the kind of tenants and nature of tenancy you give out. A rental property inspection is necessary for determining where you stand, how much more investment does it need, and how ready it is to be given up for rent. Problems in your property can arise anytime, and they are not as simple as they seem.

When you are up for performing an inspection, bring a camera to note down the present and potential problems so that you can determine how to restructure it and determine the damage.

If you are thinking that I should rent my property then before the new tenant moves in, you should prepare a rental inspection checklist at least once a year. If there are tenants already, you should inform them about the inspection.  We have prepared some points on which you must focus while doing the rental property inspection.

1. Floors

There are different kinds of floors in a house. Thye can be wooden floorings, marble or stone floorings, or carpets. Depending upon the type of flooring you have, the damages and liabilities will increase in case of a mishap. If it is a hardwood floor, then damages and scratches can be expensive to fix. Burns, rips, and stains can need permanent replacement of the flooring. If you do a regular inspection, you will notice minor changes easily and you can warn your tenants about the damage. If there is no tenant, then you should replace or fix it immediately.

2. Walls and Paint

Sometimes tenants can be extremely careless in how they deal with the landlord’s property. Small fixtures and nails in the wall are okay for photo frames and hangings, however, some of them drill excessively big holes without your permission. It may damage the wall permanently. If you don’t inspect your property at regular intervals, your tenant might get away with drilling such big holes and causing economic loss to you.

Also, if a new tenant is moving in and the old one is mobbing out, you must get the walls painted which will help your property to look clean and fresh. It will also show that you care about your house, which in turn will lead them to care about it too. If there was some damage, document it properly to make your previous tenant answerable for it.

3. Illegal Activities

If you do a thorough background check before giving up your property to the tenant, then illegal activities might not be a problem. However, there are still chances that you might end up in trouble because of them. A regular inspection of the property will help you know what kind of activities are going on in the house. If your tenant knows that you are going to check it at regular intervals, it may persuade him to not carry out illegal activities in the fear of being thrown out of the house and legal action being taken up against him.

4. Safety

Safety equipment should always be on your rental inspection checklist. It is your legal responsibility to protect your property and your tenants from any health hazard. A regular inspection of your property will tell you which places need work and what equipment is needed to keep the place safe. Hoarding of stuff creates dangers of infestation. If your tenant is doing it, warn them of the possible ramifications and economic damage it may cause to your home. Moreover, before giving out your property for rent, make sure there are a fire exit and smoke detectors along with an extinguisher at your property. It will also give a good sense of safety to your upcoming tenant that you are conscious of the safety.

5. Check for Rats, Termites, and Infestations

These things not only cause a health hazard but also make living unhabitable and cumbersome. It is your responsibility as a landowner to check this once in a while. If your tenants are the one who has managed to let these infestations and termites enter, then warn them of possible ramifications. Make sure you document it perfectly to extract any economic damage to your property due to the carelessness of your tenants. Before giving out your property, get it cleaned and disinfected so that if any damage occurs, your tenants are not able to blame you for it.

Rental property inspection is a very important aspect of keeping your house, clean, hazard free and sound. It will help you get decent and responsible tenants and bring a good reputation to you and your house. It will also let you extract recoveries in case of any damage. Proper documentation with regular inspection is the key to make your house happy and habitable.


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