Vacanze A Roma Things To Do In Rome

Vacanze A Roma Things To Do In Rome

Vacanze A Roma

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This phrase is not just words, it’s a feeling, its an advice, and it’s a way of touring Rome. Follow this advice and you will be eternally grateful to yourself. Rome, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has its own charm, own beauty, and culture which attracts people from all around the world. A city which has a history of more than 2000 years old, Rome has managed to create a bundle of art, architecture, a culture which you can witness when you visit there.

Things To Do In Rome

Here are some of the things you can do while you're in Rome.

1. Explore the Roman Forum Ruins

You can imagine and feel the Roman civilization and its people by strolling through the ruins of the Roman Forum. If you have a guide, it is even better since he can tell you stories about it and further know the exact information about different structures. This site dates back to 500BC. It was further enlarged by Julius Ceaser, Trajan, Domitian, etc. You can witness Trajan’s column., the arch of Titus, circus Maximus on your visit there.

2. Visit the Vatican city

When you're in Rome, there's no turning your back to the Vatican. You can simply walk there and start at the Piazza di San Pietro. The famous St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine chapel. You can visit the Vatican museums and the Castel Sant’Angelo where the popes found safety during sieges. You can climb to the top of the Vatican city to have a splendid view of the architecture and buildings there. There is no doubt you will not doubt your decision of spending a whole day at the Vatican, which is also less to explore the ancient city and its beauty.

3. Stroll the Villa Borghese

If you are an art enthusiast, there is nothing better than having a stroll at the magnificent Villa Borghese. It has the finest collection of Baroque art. It was commissioned by the 17th century cardinal Scipione Borghese to his treasures. Bernini’s Appollo and Daphne are there along with Bonaparte’s sister’s portrait as Venus  Victrix. You can also take a leisurely walk at the Villa Borghese park or its art galleries. Thereafter, walk south towards the Piazza del Popolo and visit the zoo or sea a replica of Shakespeare’s globe theatre. You can affitto appartamento Roma (rent apartment Rome) side from where you can easily walk to the Vatican.

4. Shop till the end of your day

If you really want to shop in Rome, have a whole day just for it. Head to the Via Del Corso which is one of Rome’s main shopping streets. The Galleria Alberto Sordi, which was built in 1922 is one of the most beautiful places of art to shopping in. Its mosaic floors and stain tinted glass skylights will make you fall in love with it. For designed boutiques, you can visit the Vila Condotti. For local shopping, visit the Campo Marzio.

You can also shop at the Campo De’ Fiori for fresh vegetables and fruits for your appartamento Roma (Rome apartment) where you’re staying. The produces are of high quality, and you can cook some delicacies for yourself. This market is closed on Sundays, so make sure you visit on a weekday.

5. Drink Coffee, Wine and Eat the Most Amazing Food

Espresso coffee in Rome won't disappoint you ever. There are some rules that you should know. Cappuccinos are only meant for breakfast, after that it's either an espresso or a mocha throughout the day. There are some amazing cafes like Tazza d’Oro or the Caffe Sant’Eustachio where you can visit. After you are done with visits and shopping, you can witness the Italian happy hour. You can visit the Stravinskij Bar at the Hotel De Russie where you can have a top-notch service with excellent food and drinks. It has the city’s most expensive cocktail list. You can also go to other Restaurants in Rome where you can have less expensive fine dining.

The restaurants in Rome, the architecture, the galleries, the streets, everything is perfect. All you have to do is rent apartment Rome style and visit the places while walking, eat the whole while strolling and witness the culture at its best.

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